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About The Future Conservative

The Future Conservative is an online opinion journal that seeks to highlight the diversity of conservative thought in clear and accessible language. Built by conservatives, for conservatives, TFC strives to uphold the proud American traditions of free expression, good-faith discussion, and tolerance of ideological differences.

Conservatism is not a monolith – nor should it be. We are the inheritors of a wealth of wisdom, accumulated over centuries of rigorous debate among a diverse array of thinkers, statesmen, philosophers, and artists. This rich intellectual foundation is unrivaled by any other political worldview – yet contemporary conservatives risk forgetting how we got here.

Conservatives have a responsibility to build upon our traditions, not tear them down. In an era where the left shuts down debate via cancel culture, media bias, and big tech censorship, it is our duty to offer a compelling alternative. Recognizing the inherent value of free expression remains our strongest defense against the destructive uniformity of progressive ideology.

The Future Conservative hosts writers who are eager to contemplate controversial ideas and engage fairly with the full spectrum of conservative thought. We recognize that open-minded individuals often disagree, and that healthy debate is critical to understanding and solving the problems of our time.

Who We Are

The Future Conservative was co-founded by Jack Fencl and Dennis Hull in November 2022. They can be reached at and, respectively.