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Dennis Hull

Dennis Hull is a state policy professional at Americans for Tax Reform and co-founder of the Future Conservative. He is fond of free market economics and Bitcoin.

Ernesto J. Antunez

Ernesto J. Antunez is a graduate of Florida International University. He is a conservative essayist currently residing in Miami.

Jack Fencl

Jack Fencl is a West Virginia native and co-founder of The Future Conservative. He is a Washington and Lee University alum and works in public affairs in Washington, DC. Views are his own.

Lillian Gillespie

Lilly Gillespie works in public affairs in the DC area. She is a graduate of Washington and Lee University. Views are her own.

Marco Andreacchio

Marco Andreacchio was awarded a doctorate from the University of Illinois and a doctorate from Cambridge University. He has published systematically on problems of a political-philosophical nature.

Maximilian J. Gebauer

Max is a current PhD student in philosophy and a W&L alum. His academic specializations are in the philosophy of science and the ethical dimensions of climate change.

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