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Write for The Future Conservative

The Future Conservative exists to promote the diversity of conservative thought in clear and accessible language. As such, we invite conservatives to submit news and opinion pieces on a range of topics for publication on our site. While we welcome writers of all backgrounds, we are especially interested in elevating young conservative voices.

We publish content on the basis of merit, and merit alone. All that matters is your ability to present a clear (conservative) perspective on the topic being considered. So long as the argument is sound and well-sourced, professional expertise is not necessary, though we welcome those with special knowledge of a topic to note it in their bio.

We’re looking for ideas, not a specific format or writing style. Present your thoughts in whatever way makes sense to you and the editing process will take care of the rest. However, we understand that guidelines can be liberating for many writers, and if this applies to you we suggest keeping submissions between 500-1500 words with sources hyperlinked in the body of text where appropriate.

Our hosting platform makes it easy to embed images, videos, gifs, podcasts, and tweets, into the body of articles. If any of these elements will make your argument stronger, feel free to include them with your submission.

All viewpoints expressed in published content are the author's alone and do not neccessarily reflect those of The Future Conservative or its editors.

Submission Details
Please send all inquiries and completed drafts to Full drafts may be submitted as an attached Word document or pasted directly in the body of the email (preferred). It is not necessary to have a suggested title at the time of submission, but include one if you have it. We are aware that writing is a meaningful commitment of time and effort, and as such we will reply to all submissions within three calendar days.

Once published, pieces are final and editorial discretion is solely retained by the The Future Conservative.